/* Vessels */

Digital Platform, 2023.
Collaboration with Lee Tzu-Tung 李紫彤 and Czyka Tumaliuan

Project: /* Vessels */

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/* Vessels */ is a system for collecting and sharing trauma-informed activist practices that focus on grieving and healing. It offers an opportunity to explore the gap as a space for both mourning and life.

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The core values of /* Vessels */ lie in its resilience against internet suppression, censorship, and cyber attacks, ensuring the continued dissemination of information. Just as a local publisher may face downtime or a bookstore struggles with physical space, /* Vessels */ envisions itself as a portable library. People can persistently contribute to this repository, ensuring the preservation and accessibility of knowledge and information, regardless of external challenges. The shared stories, ideas and knowledges are discreetly distributed within a trusted network.

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Presented at:
  • C/Change Salon, C/Change.