Or Zubalsky is an artist, educator, and parent based in Lenapehoking (Brooklyn). They use software paradigms and tools to process relationships between memory and trauma. Zubalsky's projects restructure personal and collective histories as acts of protest and healing. Their work unpacks the ways systemic harms manifest on a personal level, documenting, reframing, and processing the entanglements of settler colonialism, trauma, and gender.

Zubalsky works from a collection of cultural lineages. Their Eastern European Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry offers traditions of relating to fragmentation and intergenerational trauma. Managing their ptsd motivates them to traverse gaps in memory, reclaiming the past by confronting how power has made it inaccessible and distorted. Zubalsky's activism experience and decolonial praxis ground their thinking on silence and resistance. Their time spent in various queer communities orients them towards celebrating life and intimacy.

Zubalsky's work has been supported by The New Museum, Pioneer Works, C/Change, The Museum of Art and Design, Queens Museum of Art, Rhizome, Eyebeam, among other institutions.

Get in touch at orzubalsky@gmail.com